Habit Starter Kit

Oct 19, 2021

 by Yuri .

Tip Tuesday: For two weeks actually MEASURE your food. On the left is what I would LOVE to eat when eating peanut butter - on the right is what 1 tablespoon ACTUALLY looks like. 🤯 Multiply that by three meals, seven days a week, and I could potentially be eating waaaaay more than what I want for my goals.⁠

The good news: you don't ALWAYS have to measure your food. Once you do it for a little bit, you get a hang of what your portions should look like.⁠

Here is the face of a VERY happy girl who got to lick the spoon once most of the peanut butter was put away 😂 (and I promise, there is absolutely no xylitol in the peanut butter I use)⁠

Click the image above to acces our free Habit Starter Kit - this will include free trackers to get you started AND portion control guide.