What do I need to bring to class?

In every class you wil need:



Small sweat towel

Gloves are optional in classes other than kickboxing classes (see below)

If taking kickboxing classs you will need gloves

We do have water onsite for an additional fee


When hitting heavy bags, it is very important to protect your hands and wrists. Improper protection and improper form can cause injuries.

If you’d like to use boxing gloves and you’ve never used a pair, I suggest starting with 12 oz gloves. You can purchase online and in many stores. When using gloves, you should always have wrist wraps. You can use full size boxing wraps or there are options that start at your thumb and wrap around your wrist with a Velcro strap. I have both and I’m happy to demonstrate.

Another option is a fingerless, MMA style glove. I’ve provided some images for reference. I have used everlast products for many years and I know they are good quality, but you should decide what is best for you and most comfortable.



General Policies

Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries, medical conditions or are pregnant.

The use of cell phones and/or camera devices during sessions is strictly prohibited. Please leave phones in the inside student storage area. Phones are not allowed in the class or at your mat area.

Water and towels are recommended.

For safety reasons, there is no admittance 10 minutes after class begins.

The doors to the class will open 15 minutes prior to session start time. Please do not pound on the door as we may be with other clients.

We do not handle billing and memberships during class time or onsite. Please email our admin for assistance at info@ironbellestudios.com


Why do I need to RSVP for classes?

When you make an appointment with yourself you should keep it. Bosses don’t cancel! It also helps the coaches see what sessions you are taking, how often, and much more to assist you in getting to your goals. Scheduling with yourself keeps you accountable. It also helps with the rotation of the class and set up. Do what you said you wanted to do to get and stay fit!!


A few things to know about booking/RSVP

Of course, we’re a community, so if you ever have a question or concern, our management team is always there to help.

Okay, the rules...

  1. Make online reservations for your classes. You may book sessions up until your next payment date and/or as far as our schedule is planned out. Booking starts 1 hour before class time, and you may cancel 30 minutes before class time. If you missed the cut off for RSVP and would like to join session please text us at (727) 888-6506 to let us know you are coming. We may be unable to respond but will check our messages 15 minutes before class starts. If class has started it may be too late to attend. This is for everyone and to keep the distractions to a minimum. There are certain classes that this rule may not apply and is at the discretion of the instructor or trainer on staff.


    2. Members who accrue three (3) Late Cancels and/or No Shows within 30 days may be subject to a penalty fee of $5 or work off the debt within the studios to do list.

Have a blast in class!


What does the @Belle or @CB in front of the class mean?

This tells you which warehouse the class is being held in. Either Iron Belle Studios or Camp Iron Bell. If you are a member you have both address. If not, please text our business line or send an email for assistance.


Camp vs Studio

Iron Belle Studios~ Exclusively for Women

Exclusively for Women. As a members at Iron Belle Studios, you receive free challenges, free workshops, 1 on 1 meetings and mindset coaching, personalized help for those who need it, extra classes for assistance in specific skills. Classes exclusive to Iron Belle Studios at this time include kickboxing and barbell lifts, which will improve strength and toned muscles. Unlimited members also have the option of attending classes at both Iron Belle Studios and Camp Iron Bell, as well as the option of online nutrition coaching.

Camp Iron Bell ~ Co- Ed (is for both men and women)

Camp Iron Bell is for both men and women, 16 years old and up. We provide the workout and basic training - everything else available at Iron Belle Studios is a-la-cart at Camp Iron Bell.


Coach? Instructor? What's the difference anyway?

At Iron Belle you may have seen that some of us are designated as a “coach” or an “instructor”. So what is the difference?


The titles of “coach” and “instructor” usually get thrown around together but do they mean the same thing or are they fundamentally different?

They are two very different roles and one is not better than the other they are just different.


An instructor is: “ a person who teaches a subject or skill: someone who instructs people.” Usually instructing a program or workout that your coaches have designed for you or the group.


So how is that different than a coach?

Coaches help others explore their opportunities and see the choices available to them. We help them improve their effectiveness and performance and achieve their full potential. A coach guides physical, mental, emotional, spiritual growth, as well as assisting you with nutrition. Coaches are also answering and assisting with any online coaching you are doing with us. We coach new habits to live a happier and healthy lifestyle. Coaches are the ones you will meet with so you can improve and achieve your goals. One is not better than the other. They are very different roles. All coaches are also instructors on site during certain classes but Instructors are not coaches.


Why does this matter?

It only matters if you are doing coaching with us or have things you want to work on. You need to know who to go to for guidance. You may also want to know who your online coaches are that are assisting you with your program.

Only coaches are available to guide you with your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual growth, and nutrition here at the Belle.


Michelle & Yuri see clients on a one on one basis and/or in a small group. If you need assistance with diet, mental mindset or anything listed above please make an appointment via our online calendar.


Have fun in sessions! We hope this helps with your success here at the Belle.