Small Group Fitness Programs

We program your workouts for you and we coach you every time you are here. All you have to do is show up and we will get you in the greatest shape of your life!

We keep sessions small but fierce!

If you are interested in our group sessions, please schedule a consultation. Consultations are to ensure we are a good fit for you and your goals.


We are a Program- Based Facility with limited spots available. We are not interested in selling a bunch of memberships or a number of days you can attend workout sessions. We are here to help ladies who are interested in transforming their lives and becoming a part of our community of women, who are learning a new way of thinking about their health and fitness.



Most of our sessions are held with exercises that are conducted both inside and outside our facility. We have the best of both worlds!  


At Iron Belle Studios our approach is to deliver quality training to a group of 5-10 ladies per group* This may reach 15 ladies depending on the program. The size of our training group allows for each member to receive more personal attention that is similar to one-on-one training.


Our workouts help build lean muscle, burn body fat, reduce inches, improve energy, move better and increase endurance.


We provide workouts that include weight lifting, high intensity training, body weight exercises and more!


Our general fitness program is sufficient to yield common desired results such as improved strength, body fat reduction, more muscle, increased energy, improve overall health and mobility. 


Our team of coaches will work with you based on your ability to ensure you improve safely while still receiving effective workouts that will get results.

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We offer high-tech tools to monitor your progress, and an online nutrition program.

All that we're missing is you.


Strength Training: Get Strong & Look Lean

Sessions are scaled to your level of fitness

Members can expect to use a variety of different equipment, which will contribute to their workout where they will build strength, get lean and toned, and develop coordination and balance. Strength Training contributes to improving bone density, promoting fat-free body mass, and increasing the strength of connective tissue, muscles and tendons. 


Conditioning Sessions: Burn Fat, Increase Strength & Endurance

Sessions are scaled to your level of fitness

Our conditioning sessions involve whole body exercises that improve more than just your ability to run a mile. You will be working on strength, your core/stability, and the real-world application of being able to chase after kids or grandkids, walk up and down a flight of stairs without losing your breath, or walk the dog and not be exhausted after. You will be using dumbbells, kettle bells, sandbags, battle ropes, slam balls, and your own body weight to work on your strength and conditioning.

Looking for that toned body? Weights will need to be involved in that! Want better endurance?


Kettle Bell:Kettle Bells

You may need to take a Fundementals session before joining in our kettle bell sessions. Please check with a trainer.

The kettlebell is a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top (resembling a cannonball with a handle). It is used to perform many types of exercises, including ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

The American Council on Exercise commissioned a study to find out just how effective kettlebell training is. After eight weeks of kettlebell exercises, researchers saw significant improvement in endurance, balance, and core strength. The greatest improvement was in the core where strength increased a whopping 70 percent.


The benefits include:

  • Improved coordination and agility.

  • Better posture and alignment. Many exercises work the postural muscles in a functional way.

  • Improved back pain. One study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that kettlebell training offered some unique loading patterns we don't see with traditional strength training. Because the lower back is activated during swings, this actually enhances the functioning and health of the lower back.

  • It's time efficient. You train multiple fitness components in the same session including cardio, strength, balance, stability, power, and endurance

  • The exercises are functional and weight bearing which helps increase bone density and keep the body strong for daily tasks.

  • You become more efficient at other types of exercise.

  • Increased power development and endurance, which is great for a variety of sports.

  • Simplicity. The exercises are simple, the workouts are straightforward and you only need one piece of equipment, although you may need a variety of weights.


Kickboxing/Boot Camp:

Sessions are scaled to your level of fitness.

Let off some steam, have fun & BURN a tone of calories!

This high-energy class will push you to reach new levels of fitness training. Challenge yourself with Cardio Kickboxing!

Every class is different! One day you can expect dynamic and explosive moves and the next you will be using sandbags and battle ropes. We incorporate kickboxing techniques with intense cardio. Increase your aerobic capacity, learn conditioning drills that improve your strength, agility and quickness while burning a ton of calories. This is a great way to let off some steam while having fun!


Personal Training

Not ready for small group classes? Personal Training is available by appointment. Personal Training needs vary and is different for everyone.

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About FitRanX System

FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your trainer thinks you have improved. This is a REAL ranking system that took years to develop and perfect. FitRanx is built into our existing program and has proven results!

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